Transcale provides a range of services for a variety of fields in heavy grade machinery, from mining scale installation, payload management testing, mechanical services and much more.

Application Engineering

Identify improvement opportunities

  • Conduct baseline studies
  • Determine best practice operating targets
  • Identify improvement opportunities
  • Enable behavioral changes

Implement change to reach targets

  • Conduct validation studies
  • Measure success of initiatives
  • Identify areas of further improvement
  • Identify process constraints and minimize their impact on supply chain

Measure success of change and empower further improvement

  • Interface to mine despatch for continuous review
  • Maintain payload monitoring best practice model
  • Empower properties to reach maximum efficiencies in productivity improvement
  • Mentor transfer of technologies into mining customer’s systems

Mechanical Services

  • Scale Refurbishments and Upgrades
  • Recertification of Calibration Systems
  • Loadcell Removal, Disassembly and Inspection
  • Cleaning, Relubrication and Recalibration of Scales
  • Annual Calibration and Service Support Agreements available

Rental Systems

  • Can be hired on weekly or monthly basis for the following:
    • Baseline Weight and Density Studies
    • Revalidation Weight and Density Studies
    • Accurate Truck Body and Operating Tool Matching
    • Dragline Studies
    • Excavator Studies
  • Fully portable, can be easily transported between several mine sites
  • Useful for short term weight study requirements when scale purchase is not wholly justified
  • Trained Field Engineers will install scale systems and provide training in the correct use of scales
  • Can be used for accurate determination of Gross & Tare weights, Axle Groups and individual tyre positions

Interested in Payload Management?

  • Are your loads in range of 80-95%?
  • Are your overloads in range of 0-1%?
  • Are your loads positioned properly?
  • Are your Truck Body Sizes correct?
  • Are you operating within manufactures Payload Management Guidelines?

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