Transcale’s Volumetric Scanning System provides 3D imaging of the truck bodies to provide data on load positioning, volumetric capacity, real time material density and blast fragmentation. This is critical for truck body/ shovel matching, best practice payload positioning and enhances loader operator training practices.

Why Do You Need Volumetric Scanning?

  • Accurate real time volume measurement
    • Material Density » Integral input to determine correct truck body capacity
    • Assists in Truck Body/ Shovel matching optimisation.
  • Accurate 3D modelling showcases
    • Load Positioning
    • Body Fill Factor
    • Carry Back
    • Material Fragmentation

Best Practice Load Distribution

Weight & TVS Study Outcome

Real Time Material Density

Full Gantry TVS Installation

Temporary Installation

Volumetric Scans of Mining Truck Beds

Permanent or Temporary Installations

  • Both installations allow for dynamic scanning
  • Permanent Installations allow for unmanned operation
  • All data is available in real time

See it in action

Want to find out more?

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